New Designers 2012

After an amazing week at New Designers, I'm back in Newcastle for the time being.
It was great speaking to industry professionals about my work and I had a few meetings to show my portfolio to Hallmark, Wilkinson, Paper and Cloth, Next and Mothercare - which was a dream come true. It was crazy showing my work to such successful companies, and a great learning experience!

Our college won 2 awards, the Tigerprint and Harlequin award which was fab and well deserved to the 2 winners Kathryn Fowler and Daisy Pedersen. After showing my work to Tigerprint they also offered me a 6 month paid placement in their Yorkshire studio! 

All in all it was a fab week, with 2 job offers and lots of exciting opportunites. All I need to do over the next couple of weeks is make a decision, which is quite scary.

I attended New Designers with the best bunch of people and it was a great end to the best 3 years at university.

Here are a few snapshots of the week...

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