Lotta Nieminen

I absolutely love the work of Helsinki based designer/illustrator Lotta Nieminen. She uses such clean lines but the illustrations don't appear flat at all because of the beautiful textures in each of them. You can view more of her work here.


Whilst I was on my placement at lemon ribbon in the summer I created a few little designs, this was definitely when I realised I want to work for a studio either as an in house designer or a freelancer when I finish uni. It also helped me develop my handwriting as a children's designer, such a great place to do a placement at with such lovely people also!

These are a few of the designs I did...


I've also entered Zizzi's Deliciously Stylish II menu design competition and this was my entry, should hear in early 2012 how I've done :)


What I've been getting up to

Seeing as I've decided to create a new blog I thought I'd share some work from my most recent uni project based on a character called 'Phileas Fox'. Here are a few patterns I designed, they still need a little tweaking.

Merry Christmas!

I absolutely love the martha stewart website for d.i.y ideas and of course it never fails when it comes to christmas ideas! Have a look at some of my favourite wrapping ideas below :)

D.I.Y Chalkboard Mug

Found this wonderful d.i.y chalkboard mug tutorial on wit and whistle via poppytalk
Will definitely be trying this myself in the new year!

Screen print

So this week at uni I've been developing my first ever 4 colour separation screen-print. Having posted the initial design a few posts below, here is the finished article! I'm actually very proud of myself, only 5 more designs to go! I'll be producing them as limited edition prints of 10 at £20 each so if you'd like one email me at lisamartin01@hotmail.co.uk.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been cracking on with my current project - my first one of my third and final year at uni! It's based on around the world in 80 days, but at the moment I am just concentrating on Paris and London. I've been drawing lots of different animals including potential 'Phileas Fox' characters (like what I did there? ha ha) and developing little scenes ready for colour separation screen prints; that I am going to do on Monday at uni. Below are some of my drawings and then the colours and layout I will be using when screen printing them :)


So last year at uni we did a 'Priceless/Worthless' exhibition where we had to recycle something or make it worth more by doing some design work for it. Last year I did an old hessian beach mat, where I screen printed boats and stitched 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...' onto it. This year I've made it a bit easier for myself, as that mat nearly broke my sewing machine last year! I've put one of my designs onto this lovely floral plate, I actually really like it and think I may do some more to sell next year.

New blog!

I've decided to start a new blog and have stopped posting on my old one!
One of my favourite stationery companies at the moment are Rifle Paper Co. I love all of their hand painted designs and they do custom wedding/birthday stationery too! The colour palettes they use are always beautiful. Definitely going to take some inspiration from them for our wedding invitations!

If you fancy picking up some of their products visit their website here.