Paperchase Christmas 2013

I thought I'd share a christmas range following on from my everyday 'hot crush' range at Paperchase. I added a few celebs including Michael Buble as he is Mr christmas after all. 

These are now available online on paperchase's website and will be in store shortly! So go buy them :)


little peek...

...of a windy woodland pattern I started a while ago and haven't got around to finishing, maybe a task for this weekend :) I'm also going to a vintage wedding fair in Harrogate on Sunday with one of my bridesmaids, pretty exciting!



I have been pretty absent from my blog as I've been super busy with full time work and planning my wedding! So i apologise, I may not be posting very often on here until after my wedding to this amazing guy (below) but if you want to keep updated on my life generally you can have a peek at my instagram which is http://instagram.com/lisa__martin  

Speak soon!

Giselle Rolando - designer feature

Giselle Rolando is a designer & keen enthusiast of anything print & pattern related including textile design to stationery to decor. Giselle is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is looking for an agent.
I love the use of bright colours and cute characters in Giselle's work, especially the lovely Christmas design shown below.

Contact Giselle for commissions here: gisellerolando@gmail.com