Today's pattern

Today I've been working on another wallpaper idea, not sure if I'm going to print this one as a length or have it as one of my A2 designs. I think it might need a little texture added but I'm going to leave it as it is for now!


Today's patterns

Here's a little look at two patterns I've been working on today...


patterns & a little interactive idea

So here are some better images of the two patterns I was working on. I've also been developing some interactive wallpaper ideas and this is a sneak peek at one of them, where you draw onto the shapes yourself.



So I've been suffering from lots of headaches and migraines lately, so I haven't been able to update as much as I hoped. So here is a little idea I've been working on...


little change

So I made a little change to this print since yesterday, it was looking a bit bare in places so I added a little blue bird eating some seeds :)



I'm still in uni, but thought I'd post a little blog post showing my favourite designs so far on a screen shot for this project, comments are welcome :)


this weekend

Over the weekend I've been busy, firstly I stupidly dropped my external hard drive which is now broken and half my final project was on there, so that was a little annoying. However, not to let it get me down, I've been experimenting with this design, not sure about the colours or anything really, but thought I'd post it anyways.

I also entered the sock it to me competition, here's my entry.


new website!

So my lovely other half Damien Barlow has made me a brand spanking new website, you should check it out! Keep an eye out for lots of new things being added over the next few months too! Visit it HERE.


Today I have been drawing up some plans for pattern swatches, rather than just doing it straight away in illustrator. By doing this I've found I can plan my patterns out better, and play with scale. I'm going to carry on doing this tomorrow and hopefully by Monday I will have around 10 new pattern swatches drawn up ready to play with in illustrator by adding extra little elements and textures! (sorry for the rubbish photo quality, they were taken on my phone)



I recently sold this illustration to the restaurant chain Zizzi for their mothers day campaign and here are the finished products below! A poster and two different menu's, lovely!


early morning

I had an early start at uni today (yes on a saturday) and have produced these two patterns. I've been playing around with texture a lot more, scanning rolled inks etc in and using them. These patterns still need a bit of work though!


Adding texture

Carrying on from yesterday's post I've developed my pattern further and have added some hand drawn textures, that I scanned into photoshop and converted into Illustrator. Going to try and add more textures to my designs for my final major project to give them a bit more depth!


new pattern

Just a sneak peek at a new pattern I'm developing, just playing around on illustrator at the moment. One of my tutors at uni gave me some great tips on illustrator involving textures so i'm just going to have a play around :)


Etsy spring look book

If you already haven't viewed Etsy's spring 2012 look book, I'd strongly advise it. You'll probably end up just wanting to spend lots of money in all of the shops advertised like me though! View it here.


finished pattern

Here is the finished pattern I've been working on. I changed the background into dots as I think it compliments the print so much more. I'll be flocking texture onto my characters on Monday, to add a tactile element to it so I will post photos once I've done it :)