Graduate spotlight - Becka Moor

Becka Moor is a freelance illustrator born and bred in the city of Manchester. She specialises in children’s illustration, gaining a BA (hons) degree in Illustration for Children’s Pubishing from Glyndwr university in 2012.

I love love love her work, probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite upcoming illustrators at the moment! And to top it off she is lovely! 

Her website states: "Becka is often told she has a ‘dry’ sense of humour, which she likes to inject into her work to make people chuckle or at the very least, smile.
She has always had a passion for drawing, but didn’t realise you could do it as a grown up. Not seriously, anyway. But as soon as she did, that was what she wanted to do. After the vet, pilot, teacher, astronaut phases that a lot of children first consider, obviously.
Her work has been described as cute, quirky, fun, humorous – all things used to describe her own personality (not really.)
What she really wants to do is work with lots of nice people on lots of fun, exciting projects that others can appreciate. That, and live on a farm with lots of animals to squawk at in her old age."
Check out her website HERE.

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