Added a little more today, not sure whether I am going to keep going with this colour scheme. I will probably try some more colour ways and develop these characters into some repeat patterns :)



Just a little sneak peek of what I've been up to today on my current project...


Busy week

So this week, I was approached my a wholesale greetings card company to produce characters for them, where I will hopefully have a range of cards produced and sold in America, exciting stuff! I also sold a design to a restaurant chain for one of their campaigns, more info later! Here's just a little sneak peek of some simple characters I've been producing lately...


Damien Barlow - New work

So my lovely other half is a paper cut extraordinaire. Damien Barlow is amazing at his craft, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased :) His new work shown on his website is illustrative with each piece telling its own story in its own dark way. These pieces need to be looked at closely in order to enjoy fine details. Visit Damien's website here and follow him on twitter.


Carolyn Gavin - Fabric Rehab

If you haven't visited fabric rehab with its collection of imported fabrics, i'd advise you do so! Whilst doing some designer research for my final project I came across Carolyn Gavin's Soul Garden collection. Beautiful floral patterns and geometric linear shapes are featured, lovely! Purchase the fabric here.


Love it! Ashley G Patterns

So I recently came across this set on flickr of illustrator Ashley G. Her pattern set is beautiful and I really recommend taking a look at it here.
I love the naivety and composition of the patterns, would look gorgeous on some linens! Visit Ashley's website and etsy shop.


Pick of: best kids magazines

In my opinion, these are the best children's magazine out there. They range from activity to fashion magazines. Some are available to view for free online, whilst others, maybe a little pricey are amazing to have in your studio.

1. Babiekins Magazine: available to view online here. But is planning on going into print also. This magazine is full to the brim of fun photo shoots, designer interviews, crafts and best buys. (Below is a little sneak peak of their current issue, gorgeous!

Images courtesy of Babiekins Magazine 2012

2. Papier Mache magazine is another of my favourites, available to view online (however, I don't think the issues you can view online are as detailed as those you can buy in print), it is a very cute Australian magazine. View & purchase from their website here.

3. Anorak Magazine is 'the happy mag for kids', however I do have a copy myself :) It is a great UK based magazine that has plenty of activities and stories to keep the kids happy, but also the adults! Full of upcoming illustrators too. Visit the website in order to buy the magazine here.

My Textile Design

My textile design is a a design studio by Caroline Bourles with beautiful and naive patterns. Love them!



I just recently came across this clothing website madewell, and I love every single item on it. This is my definite wish list...


Indigo February 2012

My course at uni are exhibiting at February's Indigo Trade show in Paris so if you are visiting be sure to visit Leeds College of Art and Design's stand at 5Y13 - Hall H5 where you might just spot a few of my designs for sale :)

Jilly P

Lovely illustrations and pattern designs by Jilly P who has several designs stocked in Paperchase and is represented by lilla rogers agency (check out their website, it's so lovely!)


Today I'm listening to...First Aid Kit


Designext - Surtex 2012 competition

So a couple of weeks ago I entered the surtex designext competition and here's a sneak peek at a selection of my boards. I based my outdoor concept around children's design and the idea of camping in your back garden, just like you did when you were a kid! Fingers crossed something comes from it as it would be an amazing opportunity!