Dawn Machell - Pop-i-cok

I was so happy to hear that a designer/illustrator that inspires me wanted to be featured on my blog! I love Dawn's work and the naive imagery she produces, so so cute!

"I'm a freelance designer from sunny West Yorkshire. I'm originally from a fashion background and I used to design garments as well as the graphics.  I've been freelance for nearly eleven years and I mostly do graphics for baby and kids stuff now. My designs have appeared all over the place from Mamas and Papas and Babies r Us to Boots and Sainsburys. I work on commissions and also produce lots of work for my agent, MySugarCube."

Visit Dawn's blog pop-i-cok HERE.


  1. Hi Lisa I'm Jo (aka Bykerlass) a fellow Geordie and friend of Dawns!! Hello and lovely work btw!! XX

  2. I'm a huge fan of Dawn's work. Lovely!!