I had a little fun today testing out different ways of flocking one of my wallpaper designs. This is going to be a diy colouring in wallpaper. So first I tried flocking with a binder that puffs up when you apply heat to it, then flocking paper which you apply using a heat press after you have screen printed the adhesive onto your design and lastly I tried this crazy way using a flock applicator gun. The flock applicator gun was a bit daunting to start with as it has a sort of electro magnetic field running through it, which when attached to the paper or fabric you are printing onto gives that substrate the electro magnetic field. You then use the gun to sprinkle the flock shavings onto the wet adhesive (which you also screen print beforehand) and voila! you have a flocked design. I'm not sure which way I prefer or which outcome I like best so I am going to give it another go on Thursday :) 

above - design using binder (I think it's called texiflock or something)

above - design using flock shavings

above - flock applicator gun

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  1. Oh no! The dreaded flocking gun! That thing hated me at uni and always shocked me! But does give a nice raised flocked area...design looks great either way!x