this weekend

Over the weekend I've been busy, firstly I stupidly dropped my external hard drive which is now broken and half my final project was on there, so that was a little annoying. However, not to let it get me down, I've been experimenting with this design, not sure about the colours or anything really, but thought I'd post it anyways.

I also entered the sock it to me competition, here's my entry.


  1. That really sucks about the hard drive :( Love this pattern though, the colours are great. And as for the socks, where can I get a pair? Amazing! x

    1. I know, such a pain! I couldn't believe I dropped it and it broke just like that, it was an expensive one too urgh.

      Thanks, im not so sure about it, don't know what it is i don't like about it though lol.

      Ha, well if I win the competition i get 15 pairs free so i'll post you a pair for free :)